AppScaler 1010

The AppScaler 1010 is a 1RU appliance with 1.5Gbps throughput that supports all load balancing and application delivery features and provides a cost-effective yet powerful solution for medium size businesses and small enterprises.
AppScaler 1020

The AppScaler 1020 is a 1RU appliance with 3Gbps throughput that is perfect for small to midsize organizations looking for strong throughput and application delivery.
AppScaler 2010

The AppScaler 2010 is a 2RU appliance with 5Gbps throughput that is ideal for large organizations with complex and high performance application delivery.
AppScaler 2020

The AppScaler 2020 is a 2RU appliance at 15Gbps throughput with screaming fast performance. It supports modular port options for greater flexibility as networking needs expand.
AppScaler 3010

The AppScaler 3010 is a 2RU appliance with 25Gbps throughput. It has 4 x 10G SFP+ and 4 x Gigabit SFP which make for easy deployment in high throughput application environments.
AppScaler 3020

The AppScaler 3020 is a 2RU appliance with 40Gbps throughput that is top of the line for highest performance and uptime. It is ideal for high throughput networks.
Xpoint VNF Manager 16

The VNF-Manager-16 is a 2RU single-power appliance with 5Gbps throughput that supports 16 tenants.
Xpoint VNF Manager 32

The VNF-Manager-32 is a 2RU single-power appliance with 10Gbps throughput that supports 32 tenants.
Xpoint VNF Manager 64

The VNF-Manager-64 is a 2RU single-power appliance with 15Gbps throughput that supports 64 tenants.
AppScaler 101

Applications high availability / Accelerate application delivery / Layer 3 -7 security protection / High quality user experience.
AppScaler Application Delivery Solutions

AppScaler manages your applications, so you can manage your business.



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